75 Hour Salesperson Course

LISORE offers its 75-hour Salesperson course Days, Evening, and Sundays.  We also offer the class online through Career webschool.  Students must take the course either in the classroom or online. 


Requirements to become a Salesperson

Age: Must be at least 18 years old


Citizenship:  Must be a US Citizen , perminent resident, have a work permit or a work authorization card.


Felony:  Must not have committed a felony.  Felons may get a Real Estate License if they have a pardon, Certificate of Good Conduct, or a Certificate of Relief of Disabilities.  Please contact LISORE if you have any questions.


Course:  You must take and pass a 75-hour course.


Exam:  In addition to the LISORE school exam, you must take a state exam.  Offered Tuesdays at several sites throughout the state- (Hauppauge and Franklin Square being two)



LISORE has a program of open enrollment. 

  • You can complete a day course in six weeks Mon, Wed, Fri 9am-1pm
  • You can complete a night course in ten weeks Tues, Thurs 6pm-10pm
  • You can complete a Sunday course in 20 weeks 9am-1pm
  • You can mix and match each of the 19 4-hour sessions in ANY Combination of Days, Evenings, or Sundays.  

Take Up to one year

Repeat any class until you pass our exam