Session Chapters  Date Scheduled Completed On Bonus Points
A 1      
B 2      
C 3      
D 4, 5      
E 6, 7      
F 8, 9      
G 10, 11      
H 12      
I 13, 14      
J 15, 16      
K 17, 18      
L 19      
M 20, 21,22      
N 25      
O 23      
P 26 pt 1      
Q 26 pt 2      
R 27      
S 24      

Each 8 Hour Day/Sunday consists of two 4-hour sessions.  These sessions do not have to be done on the same day.  Students can take the morning session or the afternoon session or both.  In order to complete the 75-hour course, you must attend each of the 19 sessions.  You may do this by taking ANY combination of days, evening, and sunday courses.  You may take the classes in ANY order.


Use this tracker as a guide and planner.  You MUST bring this tracker to your school exam so we can verify your attendance.  Any bonus points are given by the instructor in class and can be added to your exam score- up to ten.


Good Luck !